A Holocaust story In person EVENTs postponed due to covid-19

My Soul is Filled with Joy - an audio Trailer

Cheryl Stern reading the Dear Reader Letter.  To get the full audio book, go to Audible or Amazon.

Launch of Polish Translation in Warsaw June 24, 2019

Short video from my book launch in Poland.

Aleksander Czyzewski translator of book and in video.

Becoming a Member of the Goldberg family

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Why did I choose this title?

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How Did Esther and Sam Meet?

Thanking the Stys Family

Takeaway lessons

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Even in Treblinka there was Kindness

Sam stands up to the Kapo who wanted to send him to the gas chamber.

Risks Taken by Poles

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Karen speaks about her research for book

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The Song

The Goldberg Family - on the Van - Learns the Song of Thanks to sing to the Stys Family

Video of Poland Trip - 30 minute

This is a 30 minute video put together by our videographer Gawel of our day visiting Bagatele and the Stys Family

Korczak and the Place he Found his End - Treblinka

Lecture at the University of British Columbia in July of 1019.  Educational Conference on Janusz Korczak.  My topic was Treblinka, the place Dr. Korczak and his orphans were murdered.